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Thursday, May 13, 2010

introductions prior to starting

hello all, i actually decided to join blogger based on one woman, whose blog i have become quite addicted to.

miss pollydolly or cat

it seems i am always following someone else onto joining sites but hopefully in this situation it will be for my benefit.

somewhere in february i realized things had gotten way out of hand. i was tipping the scales at 317 and i could not imagine gaining another pound so i started to lasted for a few months and i got down to 280 but eventually stress got to me and im sad today today i currently weighed in at 291.

i am currently in the process of moving and i don't want to restrict too much because i will be doing extensive lifting and carrying but in less than two weeks, i will be moved..well i have to be because my lease is up on the 24th...and when i have settled in i will officially make weight loss my immediate and obsessive goal. it is my hope that if i have somewhere i have to check into, i will be forced to recon with myself. best luck to you all and i hope you are better off than i.

cautionary note, i have horrible typing, spelling, and grammatical skills, my deepest apologies.

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