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Thursday, May 27, 2010

zomg caloric calculator

prettywreck is my new favoritest person ever. i was reading her blog and i came across an equation for the amount of calories a person burns a day at rest based on weight alone.

[weight/2.2 (to convert lb to kg)]x 30

i have been madly tapping at a calculator non stop since then.

in order to achieve my goal of an addition 4.4 lbs by the end of the month (using the 279.9 weight to be safe) i need to consume 738 cals per day or less (today is blown because i've already had hummus but i can go without tomorrow to counteract the effect)

and if next month i eat 1200 cals (the magic number) ill loose over 22 lbs.. awesome. the objective was to loose 10 lbs a month or better and the calculator wants me to eat 3,878 calories to maintain 284.4 jesus. i feel suddenly incredibly empowered. thanks pretty!!

her blog can be found here:

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