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Monday, June 21, 2010

aieeee weekend so-cal plans, means restricting now!

so it's one of my dearest friend's birthday today, and she invited me to come visit her over the weekend.

here's the problem, i'm not nearly low enough to binge for two days straight and she's not exactly the most ana friendly person. i mean, shes not like "death to all anas" just that when i see her we usually have fried food of some variety, and that's super dangerous. so i think in order to counter act the effects of this weekend, i need to start restricting like crazy now. that and go on the walks again. my fat ass was super sore after the one walk so i dunno how many i can do, but id like to do one a day.

here's hoping.

as of this moment i will eat no more than 300 cals per day, hopefully no more than 200 [i've already had 215 today so it's shot] and i will hope and pray to meat my 3rd goal weight by friday night. [259.9]

id really love to fit into my size 20's for it but that's asking way too much [i can currently get in them just not look good in them lol]

rachel and i said we'd start friday fasts, because friday's my day off, although i was informed today that my day off is now going to be mondays after this week, so we no longer have the cool alliteration, but it'll still be good.

ana, please let me reach my goals!

if nothing else, i suppose fasting, then binging will definatly fuck with my metabloisim enough to create some damage. :P

good luck to all you, and stay strong!

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  1. Hey hon! One thing you can do is maybe try the old spit the food in the napkin trick...

    I swear... it convinces your brain you've eaten without the calories (or food, but hey...)

    I don't want to recommend laxatives, but I swear by them. I'd hate for anyone else to get hooked because they SUCK.