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Thursday, June 17, 2010

an ana buddy and my first followers!!! [day 26]

ok so news first.

i decided after much debate to finally text rachel


and ask her if she wants an ana buddy. i really needed someone to report to, someone i have to behave for besides myself. because honestly, if i was the only one i needed to feel shamed by, i wouldn't have gotten all the way to 317, because boy did i shame myself every time i bit into a cheeseburger.

anyhow, she said yes and within her first day she got me to make my first right decision.

instead of the soup i was planning to have for dinner i had veggies, tiny bit of dressing, and some tomato juice. i also went to the store, stocked up and prepared lil glad-ware contained 200 cal meals for myself so it's just sitting there waiting to be consumed. no more lazy binging! thx rachel!

in other news i have 2 followers, my first ones, and one of the two is pollydolly,


the girl who inspired me to join blogger. :) [see my first post] awesome all around!

i even lost some weight, although its only the .2 lbs i put on from yesterday so it doesn't really count.

here's yesterday's consumption:

day 26

weigh in: 272.7

cantaloupe 148

rice 400

carrot sticks 15
celery sticks 10
red bell pepper 20
dressing 10
tomato juice 15

total calories consumed: 618

day 27

weigh in: 272.5

i brought 7 oz of cantaloupe (70) and a can of tomato juice (30) for breakfast, i had the fruit, and i'm currently trying to not have the juice but it's there if i need it. i also brought one of my 200 cal packs for lunch. i'm very excited to try it out. hope everyone's day is going well. stay strong!

also, liz, thx for your comment, i tried to go to your page but it refused me. anyway i can change that? -edit- thx liz, i found it, it just confused me when i tried to get to it that way. lol

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  1. Good job yesterday!! You're doing amazing.
    Which page were you trying to go to, the exercise one or my profile? I have my profile set to private, because my sister almost found my blog, so no one can see that. But the exercise tv link should work... I just copied and pasted it off your blog, and it worked for me. Maybe try again?
    Hope you have an awesome day!