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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

chicken soup for the ana soul

(teeny bit of photoshop done by me)

anyone else read that book when they were younger? i used to LOVE THAT SHIT!


does anyone else ever scrape the congealed fat off the top of chicken soup?

i figure i can't be that weird since ppl blot pizza to absorb the grease, right?

i spent about 10 min scraping the bits of fat off my soup before microwaving it. thankfully it had spent the night in the fridge so it was extra cold and lots was stuck to the lid of the container. so i prolly scooped off at least a table spoon of it. oddly gratifying.

also i intended to eat the other half of the can from last night plus an additional can (225 together) ended up feeling extremely full after around half. jesus, to be really truly full off of 113 cals? not bad at all.

part of me feels like its cheating though, all that fat and all the white carbohydrates in the noodles. but hell. 113 cals? i can live with that.

i plan to have the second half for dinner plus something dunno what yet. ooh maybe cantaloupe only 10 cals an oz.

excellent :)

(ps i don't reduce the calories from what it says on the can, because who knows how much i'm actually taking off and it's better to be safe)

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