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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

day 24 and weight gain..sigh...

so apparently the quick fix for curing your fears of going into quadruple digits is an intense carb craving...

i knew today was not going to be a good weigh in day.

i more than doubled my calories from the day prior, and i also ate way too late. (like less than 30 min before bed) so, i knew, there was no hope. that's prolly part of the reason why i'm not flipping out right now. if im not 271 by tomorrow i will freak out, but i think a lot of this is due to the fact i upped my calories too quickly, and ate too late.

today is going to be a light day. thankfully, i had the presence of mind while shopping for binge food, not to get more than one packet of the things i wanted, so i can't binge later...

well here's my yesterday..bad i know...

day 24

weigh in: 270.3

pudding 60

cheese sandwich 180
hummus sandwich 140
pudding 60

lasagna 270
garden veggie rice 400
1/2 can chicken noodle soup 75

total calories consumed: 1,185

day 25

weigh in: 272.5

strawberries (128) for breakfast. chicken noodle soup (225) for lunch. dunno what dinner is yet, hopefully under 200 cal. wish me luck lovelies.

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