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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

days 7-11

so i'm currently in the process of trying to eat almost exactly 1200 cal a day. it means i need to eat carbs to fulfil the calories, though i've been over doing it. (thankfully i found that "45 cal and delicious" sandra lee wheat bread.) it also means that my cal content should be just high enough to keep my metabolism going whilst staying lower than my body needs for maintaining my weight.

when i get lower i may re-evaluate, but according to the calorie calculator provided by pretty wreck, 1200 calories is the correct amount to maintain 88 lbs. that's way lower than i wish to be, so it should work out even if it takes longer than binge dieting.

also, hopefully the slower rate will reduce on how much baggy skin i have after all this. [i know i'm doomed because i let myself get all the fucking way to 317. seriously, what was in my head? (i always promised myself i would NEVER see 300 and if i did id fast until i was safely away from it, but oh well it's gone now and i can't conceive of it coming back.)]

anyhow... 1200 cals is my goal and of course stay away from random nastiness like cheeeeeessseburgers, oddly without them i'm mostly vegetarian...ok ok, enough random drivel. here's the stats:

day 11 weight: 280.0 cals: 1200
day 10 weight: 281.0 cals: 1355
day 9 weight: 282.0 cals: 1580
day 8 weight: 283.6 cals: 1250
day 7 weight: 284.6 cals: 737

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