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Thursday, June 10, 2010

day 19 and success

ok, so massive crash dieting worked. yay. i'm going to make today light but not quite as light. i don't want my body to get used to 400 cal days in case i need to do this again to promote weight loss.

surprisingly it wasn't very hard. lots of water does the trick. or diet arizona green tea in my case. the after taste of splenda wasn't fantabulous, but it was a small price to pay in order to achieve one's goals.

will be posting actual food consumption as of now :)

day nineteen

weigh in: 276.2

1 rice cake 50

1 cheese sandwich 180

veggie scramble
2 eggbeater eggs 60
onions 40
zucchini 25
mushrooms 27

total calories consumed: 382

day twenty

weigh in: 274.5

i brought the other sandwich for lunch from yesterday. and i still have rice cakes stocked in my desk, i plan to have a few rice cakes for breakfast(2-4), the one sandwich for lunch, and another veggie scramble for dinner. possibly a carb thrown in there. id like to have 500-600 cals today. i'm afraid to go back to 1200 so quickly as it may come back on. wish me luck :)

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