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Thursday, June 3, 2010

day 12

yesterday worked out beautifully. i was a little hungry at around 10 pm but i ignored it and went to bed even though the bf and i are fighting. we had a blow out fight a few days ago and it hasn't seemed to go down yet. i dunno what to about focus on my diet? excellent choice. i thought so. it seems 1200 calories is a really good cal content for me at the moment. totally enough to fill me up and keep me satisfied, while low enough to create some real damage on the scale. my weigh in made me happy this morning so i'll go with it; however, to be fair, i think at this weight anything lower than 3,000 will be rewarded.

yippeee :)

day 12: weigh in: 279.5 cals: 1196

i'm hoping 4 calories don't make a difference. i poured a little more egg but i ended up throwing out some of it so the numbers are bit soft. i think if i go under or over 50 cals a day it won't make a difference..but who am i to say?

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