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Monday, June 14, 2010

days 20-24

intense drama occurred this weekend with the bf. i've been really unhappy for awhile and it seems like it's just down spiraling. i've basically given him this one last shot, although i still think we should have separate apartments, but whatever. if anyone's interested enough to ask, i may post later a more detailed description of the events that have transpired but i think that's enough for now, enough to say i may be single very soon....

onto dieting matters...i think i may have gotten a little addicted to restricting. i didn't think it'd happen this quickly but now i'm almost afraid to go back to 1200 in fear of gaining back what i've lost. so much to the point that i haven't even gotten into quadruple digits since then. i had about 500 yesterday due to the afore mentioned drama with the boyfriend. my goal for today is 6-700.

day twenty

weigh in: 274.5

3 rice cakes 150

1 cheese sandwich 180

veggie scramble:
2 egg beater eggs 60
zucchini 47.5
mushroom 18
onions 53

total calories consumed: 508.5

day twenty-one

weigh in: 273.1

for this day i decided to have only hummus and bread. i tried to eat as little as possible. each serving consisted of one slice of bread(45) plus a certain amount of hummus on the slice, weighed out and figured for calorie content. i think i want to try this at some point with 10 cal jello cups. hoping to average about one per hour or less.

1x70 7:53am(45 for bread 25 for hummus)
2x82 10:06am
1x82 12:22pm
2x70 2:06pm
2x70 5:58pm

total calories consumed: 596

day twenty-two

weigh in: 271.6

this day i went out with my family so i had to eat somewhat normally i had a jello at home first to prevent binging and had a salad out. i took about 1/3 of it home and had the rest for dinner with half a pudding cup. the calorie notations for the salad are VERY loose as i could not weigh it. i tried to go on the high side of calories to ensure i wasn't eating more than i thought. so it may have been less than this.

1 jello 10

provolone 200
chicken 100
black olives 100
lettuce 8
mushrooms 6
cabbage 10
bell pepper 7
carrots 12
blue cheese dressing 160

pudding 80

total calories consumed: aprox 793

day twenty-three

weigh in: 271.2

1 pudding cup 60

1 grilled cheese 180

dinner(which i had at like 3:30 and didn't eat anything later because i fought all night):

1 pudding 60
1 hummus sandwich 190

total calories consumed: 490

day twenty-four

weigh in: 270.3

i've had a pudding cup (60) and a wedge of cheese (79) so far today. i really wanted to be 269.9 today but it will probably happen tomorrow or the next day, and that's good enough so long as i keep loosing. i should be down to 250 in the next month, which is major because it's a nice round number and it's also the weight i was when i got with my bf almost 3 years ago. i also bought a 300 dollar bottle of champagne i can consume once i've reached that goal, though ill prolly wait till i drop some more so the calories from the alcohol don't make me break it again. wish me luck lovies. i hope everything is wondrous on your end.

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