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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

first super market panic attack

i meant to tell you guys before but i forgot with the stress of the added weight this morning.

i was at the store with my bf last night (i bought diet coke rice and something else but i can't remember now.. how weird)

anyhow, my bf eats complete and total shit.


he religiously eats pizza and other fried or cheese covered goods. it's shocking to see him eat anything resembling a balanced meal and i think i've seen him eat salad maybe 3-4 times in the span of our entire relationship. (nearly 3 years)

anyhow, he wants to get brownies, so we head over to the bakery section and i hunt down the kind he likes and he gets stopped over by the pre-packaged cakes. so we're like 15 feet apart and i start to look around and see all the cakes and breads and other things covered in sugar and fat and i start to panic. seriously, like i feel like i jumped in the ocean and was dragged under, like the lifeboat is 15 feet away, or more realistically like if i stand in the section any longer ill absorb the calories by proximity.

i quickly walked over to him and insisted he make up his mind that instant.

he leaves the store with two chocolate covered twinkies and regular soda. jesus the amount of soda he drinks! i consume less calories in food per day than he does in soda. ridiculous!

anyhow, thought i'd share since i thought it was kinda weird when i heard other ppl blog about their supermarket freak outs..well it happens to everyone, even a fat ass like me.

stay strong!

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  1. sounds terrifying! I have still not experienced a supermarket freak out. I do, however, pace back and forth in the pastry section for the duration of my shopping. I pick things up, read the back, but it down, pick it back up, carry it around for a lap around the bread and then put it back down.

    If I am lucky I leave with just one item :(

    And if you keep eating healthy and avoid your bf's twinkies, you will be tiny in no time! Keep it up, you can do it!