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Thursday, June 17, 2010

jello fast

i have a friend from college that won't eat jello because she "won't eat anything that jiggles more than her". that always made me smile.

so i've been pondering doing a jello fast for a few weeks, and i think i'm going to attempt it tomorrow with the help of my new ana buddy rachel :) [she's out of jello so she can't join but i'm sure at some point tomorrow i'm going to text her in desperation. lol.]

the plan is to consume 1 jello cup (10) an hour or less. i may have two on regular meal times (breakfast, lunch & dinner) if i keep to it, and even if i consume one an hour every hour i'm awake, ill still only have 160 calories for the day. i bought 3 6-packs(180) and if i eat them all that's totally fine with me.

the true objective is to remain under 200 calories and stick to jello.

my bf works on friday and i don't so it shouldn't be too hard, although i may be forced to eat something resembling a real dinner. meh. dunno.

projects for tomorrow to keep me occupied:

1. go to a craft store and put together an ana bracelet.
2. vacuum the living room
3. 1 hour walk-hopefully 3 miles-due to my weight comes out to about 500 cals burned
4. spend at least one hour reading wasted
5. possibly dye hair
6. possibly go to a movie

200 cals or less! here i come.

anyone who wants in please tell me, we can exchange numbers and help each other out.

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  1. Sounds great! I would join, but I wouldn't be able to eat only jello (only because my boyfriend's parents would make me eat a real dinner, ugg). But good luck!! It sounds like fun :)