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Monday, June 21, 2010

jello fasts and rachel are offically awesome [27-31]

day 27

weigh in: 272.5

cantaloupe 70

corn 60
cantaloupe 45
lettuce 3
bell pepper 30
kidney beans 52
10 sprays honey mustard dressing 10

tomato juice 30
pudding 60

total calories consumed: 360

day 28-jello fast

i was both worried and excited for the jello fast. it went surprisingly well even though i did get really dizzy and a head ache mid day, but it subsided in a few hours. i also went on a walk [aprox 50 min and 2.6 miles which equates from anywhere between 300-500 cals burned depending on where you look for my weight] the weird thing about it is, i kinda liked the dizzyness, it felt like being pleasantly drunk with no desire to throw but i dunno how it feels for you guys...i'm excited to say, i did stick to just jello AND i stayed far below my 200 calorie budget. yay :)

weigh in: 270.1

1 raspberry jello @ 7:34
1 orange 1 lime jello @ 1:37

calories consumed:30

day 29

this is the day i spent with my family so i had to eat normally aside from my salsa breakfast..which btw was a bad idea lol very gurgle-y and hot in my mouth all by it's self.

weigh in: 267.9

salsa 30

chicken 210
rice 100
fruit 70

cheerios 95
pudding 116

total calories consumed: 621

day 30

i talked to my ana buddy rachel, about some m and m's i saw at the theatre the other day and we decided it wouldn't be horrible if i had a bag, if that was basically all i had all day, so i got one which i consumed half for brunch and half for a mid-afternoon snack. for dinner, to eat in front of the bf, i made some really awful veggie soup, which was really just veggie puree. [tomato juice+salsa+steamed carrots, onions, and celery thrown in a blender] don't try my recipe, it was bad, but low in cals. lol

weigh in: 266.8

1 bag peanut butter m and m's 240
veggie soup 80

total calories consumed: 320

day 31

weigh in: 266.5

for breakfast i brought a serving of cheerios (110) and another one of my 200 cal veggie lunches. dunno what dinner is, i should prolly finish that chicken noodle soup if i intend to. dunno.

stay strong dearies!

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  1. You're doing so well! Congratulations :) Stay strong.