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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

of course, feeling better, means gaining weight [32]

so around 11:00 am my stomach started feeling better, i carefully ate a single slice of cheese, and everything was fine. by the time lunch rolled around i had the entire packet of rice and for dinner.. well 2 slices of cheese and a can of chicken soup [with fat scraped off the top and the actual chicken removed. (i know i'm crazy..its endearing..right?)]


so i told rachel about my decision to eat more, figuring she'd be like "no! eat veggies! you can totally do it!" but surprisingly she was cool, she told me that anything below 900 calories was a starvation diet, and the whole name of the game is eating as little as possible while still keeping you going. that was comforting to know, even though i still feel like a failure.

not that i didn't just tell you, but heres here's what i ate yesterday...

day 32

weigh in: 264.8

1 slice cheese 50

rice 400

chicken soup 150
2 slices cheese 100

total calorie consumption: 700

day 33

weigh in:266.1

i brought 200 cal or less meals to work, breakfast is a pudding cup [60] and a slice of cheese [50] possibly some cantaloupe[56] but it's pretty old so prolly not, lunch is 200 calories of cherrios. dunno bout dinner.

hope all is well out there, and thanks to liz and peridot for your concern.

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  1. Don't beat yourself up over the 700.

    Most days I struggle to stay under 1000.

    But on the veggies thing: Maybe try a veggie diet for a few days?

    It limits what you can eat, so there's less 'bad' options.

    And I mean, come on, a big meal on raw peppers is still just raw peppers.

    Good luck and stay strong! I've only started reading your blog recently but your 20+ pounds weightloss so far is inspiring.