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Thursday, June 24, 2010

plans for this weekend and attention new followers

ok, new followers first:

new followers, please leave a comment with a link to your blog i'd love to check you out but i'm not blogger savvy enough to get there without it being listed as one of your "links" or you leaving a comment.

plans for this weekend:

so i'm driving down there in the middle of the night friday and coming back in the middle of the night sunday. what happens between the moment i leave the city i live in, and when i re-enter, i'm going to pretend didn't happen. i'm still going to count them as days [36 &37] but i will not be counting calories or attempting to stay under a specific amount of calories.

the only rule is as follows:


this means, no compulsive eating.

i can have anything i want, as much of anything i want, but only when i'm hungry, and i MUST STOP when i'm full. it doesn't matter if there's half a bite left. i WILL stop. if i feel so inclined to chew spit the remaining, so be it.

that is my only rule. and i am determined to keep to it.

hopefully when i get back ill be under 270, but i doubt it.

on another note:

i have a four day weekend since this is my last week of having fridays off, and next weeks is my first of having mondays off so i will be gone tomorrow till tues. i will probably be checking blogger, [yay for iphones] and most defiantly checking my email account that gives me notice of comments.

if anyone wants to chat or wants to check in feel free to leave a comment or send me an e-mail, i have one specifically for the ED universe:

[edit-deleted so it can't be searched for via google, if u want to talk to me though just leave a comment and i'll re-post it till you get ur hands on it]

if you live in the US and u want a new ana/ednos buddy send me ur name and number and ill text you back.

best of luck girlies. stay strong, and wish me luck on my controlled binge days.


  1. Hey there ^_^ I'm one of the new followers you mentioned. My pro-ana blog is located here:
    I just started it recently though, so there's not a lot of content yet.

  2. Hi :]
    Nice to know you found me.
    Have fun while you're away, good luck with your plan.

  3. Thanks for following me ^_^ That's real sweet of you!

  4. Hi thanks for the interest but my blog is private right now one day I might make it public.

  5. Hi, it's amazing how far you've come so far. Here's a link to my blog in case you wanna check it out: