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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

too fat to work out?!!??

so, i've been wanting to kick my weight loss a little with working out, but i'm afraid to go outside to do it because i'd have to wear black stretchy pants to avoid thigh-rub-age. [so gross!] dear god, does no one [besides my bf] want to see that!

after that i was like hmm..i could always get a recumbent bike, and use it at home in the bedroom with the door shut and the bf on the other side..[he likes to watch me work out which i think is gross]

so i was shopping online for recumbent bikes, and the fucking weight limit is 250! jesus.

how am i supposed to loose the fucking weight if i can't go outside and i can't ride a stationary bike without breaking it??? [dear god i'd die if it broke on me]


any suggestions on at home work outs that a ridiculously fat girl can do? [i'm probably about
<- her size. ew!]


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  1. I'd say just get the stationary bike anyway. I mean, you're almost to 250 pounds, so maybe by the time it gets to you, you'll be there! I also think that those weight limits are overly cautious, so I think that you're probably fine.
    However, if you don't want to do that, I think they have workouts that you can do in your home on Check it out!