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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

blogger addict award

the rules are:
five things you love,
five things you hate,
and five blogger addicts.

1.long breathless kisses
2.san francisco fog
3.the pale green tear drop of glass
hanging from my rear view mirror
4.lavender lipstick


1.being self concious
2.needing 8 keys on my keyring
3.people who take advantage of other people
that don't block intersections when there's traffic. at least 2 hours away from the people i love
5.people that use my things without asking

blogger addicts:

well, i feel like most people
already have this award
[minus me]

so now comes a test of true blogger addiction:
those who first respond to this posting will be my nominees,
as u clearly are so addicted, that u check my blog regularly..

1.liz-even though she nominated me, she rocks my socks off!

that's it, no more.


  1. Well, I'm the one who gave you the award... but I'll still comment :) I am SUPER addicted to blogger :) I check it constantly, just in case one of the people I follow has posted again!

    We have a lot in common, but I won't bore you with details of which loves and hates we share :)
    Have a fantastic day!! <3

  2. I suppose I'll nominate myself? That sounds very conceited. Er. I definitely agree with you about the fog, though, it's very sparkly and un-fog-like xD