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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

flirtations [46]

i couldn't think of something interesting to title this one so i decided to note the highlight from yesterday being that i HARDCORE got flirted with by this guy from my so cal weekend..that i really shouldn't flirt with.

although my friend isn't really dating him, and she's planning to break off the sex relationship she has with him, i still feel like he's hers. in any event he flirted with me like crazy to the point of detailed descriptions of what he would have done to me (while i was in so cal) had i flirted back with him (which i so didn't!!)

i dunno i like the attention..because i'm an attention whore, and it's nice for someone to hit on me knowing what i really look like... plus my friend seems to find it funny..but it still seems wrong.

whatever, nothings going to happen there.

i also showed my picture to a few guys from craigslist which was horrifying.

i seriously can't date till i've made myself least till 250, this is ridiculous.

honestly no one can prolly tell a difference from 267 to 250 since it's all just huge anyway..but it' different for me.. who knows.

day 46

weigh in: 267.0

tortillas 200
cherrios 200

then all hell broke loose once i got home

i ate something like 600 cals of frozen goods

then had another round..


bad, bad, robin.

day 47

weigh in: 267.0..again

seriously something's up. i should be gaining or something not the same for..four days now?


i think this weekend, if not sunday, because i may need to flee the apartment to avoid the ex, definitely monday, i'm going to really fast, stay in bed all day and just fast, maybe with a lil chocolate soy, if i feel really ill.

if i stay in bed all day it doesn't matter if i pass out because..hell it's bed.

i'm going to do it. i need to do it. just something different.


  1. Oooh he wants you, and you KNOW he can't have you (Yet) :D I'm a total bitch like that at the pubs. I'll flirt and dance with a guy all night then blow him a kiss goodbye as I hop in the taxi home by myself :3

    Have a good day hun <3

  2. You soak up that attention lovie!!! <3 I missed you so I went looking for your blog xD stay strong sweetie you can do this!!