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Thursday, July 8, 2010

got my period [47]

before i get into it my useless drivel... just for the record, and those curious about my romantic affairs, there has been lots and lots more flirting with many, many men...including one that speaks fluent italian, and french..yum :)
so, getting my period is actually kind of weird for me. while i was with the ex i hardly ever got my period. something about his testosterone threw off my system, so i only ever had it every couple of months, if that. [i took A LOT of pregnancy tests but they all came back negative..and hell who wants to bleed that much? even if it is unhealthy]

this is my second one in recent history..and it's odd but also kinda the most bizarre way that i'm sure will wear off in another two months.

[end rambling here]

so, this seems to be the reason why i've been leveling out at 267.0. this morning i awoke to my period and i dropped to 265.4 for no good reason, but hell, i'll take it.

day 47

weigh in: 267.0

cherrios 200
tortillas 600
salsa 60?

day 48

weigh in: 265.4

i'm not really interested in food right now due to cramping..which is oddly nice. i forced a few cherrios to keep my little metabolism running but i'm not sure if i'm going to eat before i get lightheaded...lots o diet coke at the office so i'm sure i'll be fine.
thanks peridot, i would totally do that if i had the body for it :P someday.....

yay rachel read my blog, i feel all special :)

thank you to all my lovlies, u are the reason why i keep my self hatred, but u guys are a much better reason. love!


  1. Periods suck ass, glad that it got rid of your hunger instead of increasing it that's a plus =]
    I'm jealous lmao french and italian? Oh deliscious <3 stay strong sweetie you're doing great =]

  2. Ugg, periods suck, but I'm glad you're not too bothered by it this month! I haven't gotten mine in a month because I just stopped my birth control and my body is confused.

    You're doing awesome- I'm super jealous! Congrats on the loss :)

  3. Ugh, I swear that lack of appetite is the ONLY upside to crampage D:

    Sweeeet drop there! 2lbs! *is jealous* :p