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Thursday, July 15, 2010

i think he wants to use me for sex [54]

which i'm oddly ok with.

i talked to the new obsession last night..or really this morning. [4ish -5ish emails and texting then about 40 min on the phone] he is an enormous flirt, which is exactly what the doctor ordered... or really, just what i wanted...

i'm not really sure what he wants from me. there were certain phrases that suggest this would be a physical relationship and not a "lets go to a movie" kind of thing. i like him, he's a really smart, charming, sexy man, and i could see myself going on some casual dates with him, but for now, emotionless flirting and or naughty trysts are fine with me... assuming i can actually get the guts to let him see me naked... tehe

i really need to get a hold of him earlier in the day i can't keep doing this late night shit regardless of the dirty sexy things he whispers in my ear... snickers [i know it just sounds like a booty call without the actual booty involved, which it is, but he does sleep during the day and stay up all night so that's why so late. hey if he can afford to do it, why not?]

tonight i will attempt to contact him around 8:00 and feel him out. i mean honestly if we are going to meet up it's got to be before 2 when everything's closed. preferably during daylight hours so i have some hope of help if he turns out to be some psychotic killer.
so, thanks to the new guy i passed out shortly after i got home so i only had some light chocolate soy milk instead of a real dinner. i would totally trade flirting for dinner. yes!

day 54

weigh in: 260.1

cheese 180
kielbasa 180
mustard 5
light chocolate soy milk 135
orange juice 55

day 55

weigh in: 259.0 YESSSSSS

i had some kielbasa around 6 am and i brought more food to work, dunno how much will actually get eaten as i'm not hungry yet. i think soy milk for dinner is an excellent idea. its light it's filling and i'll pee it out before i weigh myself again. dunno if it'll work out as a meal plan long term since i usually eat small amounts at work then eat a larger meal at home..but a girl can dream, right?

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  1. That all sounds great! Especially the weight and the sex parts :) Yay! I hope it all works out.