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i'm a 25 year old california girl who, like most of us, is perpetually in transition.

Friday, July 16, 2010

i'm crazy

i was talking to a friend today...

i went on and on about how no one wants me because i'm so worthless and ugly.

he went on and on about how i'm stupid and wrong for thinking so.

he's so angry with me for being this way, all i could say to him was:

ur so angry, and it just makes me smile that u care enough to be angry

does that not show u how messed up i am?

seriously, doesn't it?


  1. That happens to me too. I think that's part of this disease- we want people to care enough to worry about us.

    I understand :) Try to feel better <3

  2. I just found your blog, you have the most unique / fascinating voice :) Definitely following.

    And I don't think that's unhealthy... it sounds normal. Guys that do care are incredibly sweet.

    (Also, I love the Christina Hendricks pics in your sidebar-- she's so gorgeous.)