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Friday, July 9, 2010

looks like my weekend will suck [48]

he's trying to leave the state [thank god] so he has to consolidate, and get rid of the remainder. i've been roped into dealing with it, which i knew from the start would happen, but whatever.

he came over yesterday and started sorting things, then decided acting like a child would be more fun.

he threw our ceramic his and hers [they're not actually "his and hers" they're a ceramic cat and dog] respective pieces on the floor, because it was "gratifying," then proceeded to sweep them up, kicking them into the wall to break them into smaller bits in the process.

he then, flew into a rage, calling me a cunt, telling me i'd regret dumping him...

that lasted for all of 10 min before he dropped to his knees and begged me back. guilted me about everything possible. swore he'd be anything i wanted from him.

lies, all lies.

lies i've heard before.

lies i can't believe again.

i'm not saying someday in the [far] future, IF he grows up, i wont give him another shot, but i sincerely doubt it'll happen.


i eventually got him to leave, he proceeded to call me twice later that night, once to apologize for his behavior, the other to take care of business.

so it looks like, aside from sat, while i'm in the city looking at apartments, i'm going to be stuck with the ex trying to clean up his shit... yay...
totally random, but i thought it was amusing:

yesterday, i mentioned to a friend i wanted to go to the bar, get drunk and flirt with strange men. i also said i couldn't afford the calories because i could eat for the day in less calories than i'd consume to get drunk.

he then suggested i vomit them up...


did a male friend from the NON ed community, just suggest i vomit?

yes, yes he did.

that just tickled my funny bone. :)
yesterday i didn't eat much. i hope to follow suit today, but i don't know what the inevitable trials of this evening will bring.

day 48

weigh in: 265.4

cherrios 200
pb & j sandwich 215

day 49

weigh in: 264.1

i'm running out of cherrios so i brought about 100 cals worth and three puddings [60 a piece] i doubt i'll eat all of it, but it's safer than going to the store hungry lol.

wish me luck, my lovelies, with diet and ex's.
rachel: yes he's both, although english is his 3rd language, and i'm beginning to see the language barrier interfering...doubt anything will come of it, aside from some light flirting.

liz & peridot: i know it's weird that i'm not eating heavily or gaining weight, i usually do. i guess it's all about bloating and such, but thanks anyhow :)

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  1. Wow, I can't believe that your friend told you to vomit! That's hilarious.

    You're doing awesome! Good luck this weekend :)
    Btw, I <3 you. You're amazing. Just sayin ;)