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Friday, July 16, 2010

talked to an old flame [55]

nothing particularly interesting to report.

gained .3 lbs since i actually ate dinner... grr

day 55

weigh in: 259.0

kielbasa 450
mustard 5
cheese 180
peaches 180 [i think they're really more like 270 but online said less...dunno who to trust]

day 56

weigh in: 259.3

ill die if i go back up to 260..but the ex is coming over today for probably the last time ever to pack everything into a moving van and leave the state... if he wants to go get food, ill get food. i'm still sad he's leaving but i don't want to be with him. he leaves me so unsatisfied.. on so many levels.
so i spoke to a guy yesterday that i hadn't talked to in 5 or so years. it was really weird. we stopped talking because he got a gf and didn't want me anymore. [this was all online or via a phone] so we talk, and he still has the gf, but he informs me that he's allowed to mess around.

blink blink....what??

u've been with this girl for 5+ years AND you ditched me for you want to fuck?? what????

i got over it relatively quickly, and things went back to our casual flirting of years past... we texted for about 4 hours, until his gf got home. he was reved up at that point, so he went to go fuck her brains out.

i guess that is the one good side of allowing ur guy to mess around. he's worked up when u get home. if the ex had fucked my brains out every night when i got home from work, i prolly would have been ok with him flirting around with other girls... shows u how little i know.

i must say, i'm kind of an uncontrollable flirt.

usually when i'm really into a guy i don't give much mind to others, but until i've found one i want to focus my attention on.. well.... slutsville, usa.

little to no talking to "the obsession" last night. i'll come up with a fake name for him if we ever actually meet in person and it goes well.

i had a session with my "purple friend" of previous mentioning, and i told the obsession i was thinking of him. he responded with a "good girl" which to some might be condescending.. i however, found it really fucking hot.. but that's typical me.

that's all the talking i did with him yesterday. i went to bed early, i just was too bored to deal with staying up till the crack of dawn to talk to him. i tried a text at 8pm, but to no avail.
my goal is to come back on tues and report that i'm 255. i doubt it'll happen, but if i'm alone all day sun and mon i can totally do some fasting... if i'm not alone..perhaps ill be burning calories in other ways. tehe

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  1. I'm not sure what to say, except that I'm super jealous that you might be getting some later ;) My bf won't be back till August 6th! Ugg :(

    Have fun in the sun!