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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

weird weekend, oddly ok ending [49-52]

ok, so this is an explanation of the weekend... basically it comes down to:
ex, drunken fun,
ex, ex.
i thought i'd have to spend the whole weekend with the ex..which i did mostly..but it turned out ok. he wasn't an ass, just an incredible flirt.

he has officially decided to leave the state and move back in with his parents. he leaves saturday, and i'll never see this boy again. kinda sad when u think about it, but if i have to choose my freedom or his company..i choose my freedom.

so, friday was mostly uneventful so i'll leave it out, we spent a couple hours together where we didn't try to kill each other.

saturday i didn't see him at all, and it was the most amazing day.

i went to the city very early to go check out apartments and i fell in love with this lil one that's very close to my old one from when i was in college. it's a lil awful 70's but i can totally live with it. [the most painful thing is the kitchen cabinets are dark brown and the counters are bright yellow...but i guess that's more incentive to stay out of the kitchen tehe] also, after the viewing i was walking back to my car and some guy flirted with me. oie! 20 min back in my city and the boys have called!!! it's so time to move home. lol

anyhow, i was supposed to meet up with a friend after apartments but when i talked to her she said she had wanted to go to the gym so i said it was cool and headed back home.

i ended up spending the remainder of the day with my mom where we did nothing besides watch burn notice..which was nice for a change.

i left her place around 8ish and since i was feeling kind of jazzed in general and skinny too [ironic considering, but whatever] i texted my friend from the morning to ask her to go drinking and she invited me to go to a bar to watch her friends i said hells yes...[not literally lol]

i went up to the city again and she drives us to the bar and things all get a bit fuzzy from there. i did some weird shots i've never heard of before, that someone else bought, and end up getting pretty smashed. it was all in good fun though.

there was some random guy outside while my friends were smoking that was attempting to flirt with me and sort of them, but he wasn't really successful..just ended up kind of upsetting my friends and i was too blitzed to really we went inside. he later pulls me aside and informs me that my friends are "haters" but i'm cool...yes the drunk girl is accepting of everyone, even you, why wouldn't she be? whatever.

so the evening was great fun that i desperately needed after being repressed for so long, and even though i consumed at least 600 cals in alcohol, i still lost weight because i danced and pranced around all night. yay for drunken exercise :P i woke up the next morning all a mess feeling like a rock star. i must so do this again.

sunday was another day i spent with the ex. he did some EXTENSIVE cleaning out of the apartment. seriously, there's almost nothing left of him in there, which again is both sad and very emotionally satisfying in the weirdest of ways. we end up spending a lot of the night together just talking about our relationship and that he still loves me. [this time without the swear words and sobbing] it was actually really nice...he's still trying to fuck me, but it's nothing i can't combat with a session from my purple friend. [yes i'm speaking of my sex toy]

monday he got the news that he can take his 17 accumulated vacation days as of friday and get paid for everything, so friday is his last day of work. he plans to come over friday after work and organize what needs organizing then leave on saturday. it's the end of an era..still weird to think he'll never come back, but i think that once he leaves i'll be in a much better place mentally and probably even physically.

i told him we could hang out sometime this week if he wanted to..dunno if anything will come of it.
ok diet-y stuff, i was both good and bad..they mostly cancelled each other out.

day 49


pudding 120
cherrios 100
tortilla 80
fish fillet 260

day 50

weigh in 263.0

orange juice 70
cherrios 20
fried chicken thingie 340
lettuce/tomato 10
cheese 110
kielbasa 315
mustard 5
excessive alcohol..600ish?

day 51

weigh in: 261.2

kielbasa 945
mustard 70

day 52

weigh in: 261.5

i was keeping track but the calories just kept getting higher so i just declared it a binge day to get it out of my system. i seem to be having unplanned binge days once a week..maybe i should just accept that's my body's wishes and just restrict the rest of the time..dunno.

day 53

weigh in: 262.6

i've had 180 cals of cheese and i brought 180 cals of kielbasa for lunch. hopefully i'll go to around 800 today but we'll see.
another funny pro-ed thing a friend said to me without really understanding what he's saying...oddly they were both from guys...whatever.

i told him if i got the new apartment in the city i'd be spending most of my money to support myself there alone.

he told me that at least i couldn't spend money on food.

this is already a thought i had..but i didn't want to say it because it sounded very ed..but apparently all my friends are unwittingly telling me to form if some day it comes out, i guess they wont be too
i hope all is well with everyone out there, good luck my lovelies.

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  1. Sounds like you had a blast! I'm glad everything worked out (except the fact that you didn't get the apartment :(). Keep up the good work!

    P.S. I love texting you! You're awesome :)
    Oh, and Angelina Jolie is super hot!