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Monday, August 16, 2010

i kissed a girl...and she needs some pointers [84-86]

day 84 253.5
day 85 253.7
day 86 253.7
day 87 251.3

sorry for not really giving you food details anymore, i'll give you what little i remember. saturday i had some sushi at home, then some sushi take out for dinner with vegetable tempura....the take out made me sick so i had about 60 cals of orange/mango juice for the entirety of sunday. today i've had some grapes and half a sugar free pudding cup, couldn't finish it because it hurt.
okay, so friday night i went out with my friend. we met up for coffee and ended up going to a bar. it was pretty vacant but we were 2 of 3 women there not including the bartender. so, we got 3 free rounds.

how come the last two times i've gone to a bar with a woman, the men there have assumed we're lesbians?

i get that i'm friendly...and it probably doesn't help that friday was my first girl kiss... lol but they asked us if we were lesbians before that happened.

made about 8 guys very happy... lol

we texted ted all throughout our drunken shenanigans.

my friend likes that ted is dirty, and thinks i should go for it with him, if he can pleasure me appropriately.

part of me thinks his experience would be highly helpful, especially since he's in the community.. by community i mean Ds... which i think would be nice to be with someone experienced in that... as clearly the ex was not... it made me giggle he couldn't tie knots...what kind of self respecting Dom can't tie up his sub? lol

i don't know, more and more of me wants to see what leads down that path. can i get over his age?

i think warren and i are pretty much done. i've been sending him flirty pictures, and at first he responded... but i haven't heard from him since like thursday. i texted him on sat to tell him i didn't like the way i was behaving around him, that he should take his time and text me when he feels like it. that i would stop texting him. i don't expect to hear from him again... which really fucking sucks.

saturday, i visited my parents, we went to see scott pilgrim.. which was ridiculously cute. oh, me and dorks... how i love thee.... i had some take out for dinner.. as previously mentioned... and regretted it all of sunday..and still now.

i spent all day sunday in bed wishing for death lol. in and out of consciousness only long enough to watch about 15 min segments of buffy or respond to ted's texts.

he is such an intense man... passion doesn't cover it.

i wonder if he knows what he does to me.
ana always there: thanks for your admiration.. though i doubt i deserve it. i totally know how you feel about the lesbianism... though part of me realizes that it's just another can of worms. ultimately relationships between people will be complicated because there will be two [or more] people with different needs that need to be met... question is how well one can balance those needs.
liz: thank you darling, i know you are always here for me. i appreciate it more than you know. i had a little bit too much fun :P as you know by now... lol.

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  1. Haha, I love that title! I feel like a lot of people need pointers on how to kiss better, but how do you tell someone that without hurting their feelings? It's a tricky thing to have to do.

    I'm sorry you and Warren aren't working out! Sadness :( But I am glad you had fun when you went out, even if it was a little too much. Yay!