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Thursday, August 5, 2010

missing dinner due to a hot guy is winning twice [75]

day 75

weigh in: 252.2

broccoli salad 100?
sushi 440
soy sauce 20?
soy beans 220

day 76

weigh in: 251.5

broccoli salad 250?

only had half my lunch at work yesterday since he called during my lunch hour, finished the second half at home and didn't eat anything else for the rest of the day... yay :)
mmm... date night...

god, he's so hot...

so let me start with this by saying:

last night was both the ex's birthday, and had we stayed together, it would have also been our 3 year anniversary.

fucked up? yes.

totally rewarding and cathartic? hells yes.

so, the polyamorous guy and i are getting close, i should probably give him a name... i'll come up with something.

anyhow, he texts me yesterday to say hi and i ask him how he slept, he informs me his primary broke up with him via e-mail [the hell??? even i had the decency to do it in person and i was scared for my fucking life!!] so, he's feeling shitty.

i already feel insanely close to him, like if i didn't want him to do me 8 different ways, i'd have a brand new best friend. so, i offer him compassion. i support him, i have him call me during my lunch break to talk and he asks me out.

part of me feels like this is a bad idea, because theoretically he's rebounding, and anything now, could fuck up a relationship later, be it romantic or friendship.

i end up agreeing to meet with him, he cancels then re-asks me out for coffee.

we go to this coffee shop around the corner from me next to this AMAZING video store that has everything i could ever lust for. we sit and talk for an hour or so till the coffee shop closes and kicks us out.

so we move to the parking lot, leaning against the back of his car, still talking. endlessly talking, in a really rewarding way that doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but is true. as we stand there, he inches closer to me, just sort of pressing the side of his body to mine. and it's not in a perverse way, its just sort of this weird closeness that i find incredibly comforting.

i don't ordinarily invite guys back to my place after knowing them 24 hours, but after another two hours or so of talking, the sun had set and he was cold and there's nothing to do in my our next stop would have been a 24 hour drug store lol.

he seems non threatening, he doesn't press the idea at all, and oddly, almost immediately i trust him.

we go back to my place, we pick out a dvd and watch the first episode of the first season of torchwood.

throughout the episode, he starts in with pressing against me again, small little touches, that are non aggressive, that are soft simple and wonderful. soon, im snuggled into his neck and we just sort of lay together.

eventually his legs start to block the tv, and i don't care, i'm not paying attention at this point. we sort of smile and giggle with each other and eventually, after much building, he kisses me.

rough, fast, aggressive.

it's wonderful.

there are red marks all over my neck.

i even broke a nail.

all throughout this, he tells me i'm beautiful. it just makes me giggle.

we didn't have sex.. we didn't even take off our bottoms.. but it was so bizarrely intimate, that i don't think sex would have altered the effect any, aside from perhaps being more blissed out now.

as we were laying next to each other afterward, soft touches on my skin, he commented about my bone structure and how my ribs and hips stick out when i lay down. that when i loose the weight i want to, ill have an insanely hot hour glass figure. [now keep in mind, i talked him about my weight loss, and that im not done yet, so i was zero percent offended...more so thrilled. to me, this was a huge compliment.]

i'm still trembling, though i wonder if it's because i skipped dinner or the fact that i roughly made out with an insanely hot guy for 2 hours.

ither way? i'm winning.
lilah lee: the situation with ted, is an odd one. he appreciates the smallest things from me, in ways that no guy ever has.

a picture of just my eyes is enough to send him into a creative and sexual frenzy lol.

i wish i was more attracted to him, a relationship with him would be...intense.
liz: not creepy at all! as you can tell. i do worry that my behavior last night might have fucked up a really cool friendship though.

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  1. Oh wow, that sounds amazing! He sounds like a great guy. I'm impressed and jealous :)

    I hope you get to see him again soon!!