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Monday, August 23, 2010

off for a week [90-93]

day 90 252.9
day 91 250.0
day 92 249.8
day 93 249.6
day 94 249.3

i finally broke down and bought a new scale.. it says i'm about a pound heavier than my current scale, and it only weighs in multiples of .2 pounds. i decided i'd rather have the scale that reliably lies to me.. than the one that only does so in .2 pound increments...

i did feel like a crazy person getting on one scale then the other.. then the first again.. repeatedly for about 5 minutes at a time... thankfully i live alone and no one can see this behavior.

so, the real reason i'm here today is to tell you all that i'm leaving for a week.

i'm technically off today, but i came in to write to you all and inform you of the next week.. since i forgot to and i feel like a bitch for just ditching out of the blue. sorry! so as of last friday, i'm off until a week from tomorrow. my mom is taking me to reno for some of that.. so it should be interesting.

i've decided that ana and i are going to have an open relationship for the days in reno. i'm going to eat anything i want, as much as i want... BUT i am instigating the rule i had in so cal. i MUST be conscious of how much i'm eating, and i MUST stop before im full. basically just not binge. yes to binge food, no to binge behavior. i WILL behave, or i'm revoking binge food privileges.
okay so social life update.

the friend i had sex with canceled at the last minute to go hunting instead.. double ick.

giggly conversation guy asked me out for yesterday, but never gave me details.. yesterday came and went without further details.. yet to hear from him. not overly concerned ither way, i wasn't overly attracted to him.. i just like nerdy guys.. so it tends to get me those varieties.

the full moon guy has mellowed out some about the sex and is getting back to standard flirting, may see him if he behaves himself.

got quasi asked out by another guy for tomorrow, we'll see if that happens. he seems like a more friend variety as well, but we'll see. turns out we went to high school together.. and never knew.. lol.

more flirtations with other boys... no one worthy of a name just yet.. i think i'm not going to name anyone unless i am OBSESSED or there is a successful date first.

ted is gone on his trip, though he hasn't really left me alone which is nice. i'm so slutty for his attention, its ridiculous. we had phone sex on thursday night, it wasn't standard phone sex though. it was different.. loving almost? not even so much about sex as opposed to the way he'd like to touch me, love me. i came for him on the phone, though i don't think he did. maybe that's why i liked it. it wasn't about orgasm, it was about intimacy. he and i have a very odd relationship.

i ended up texting warren on sat, he actually responded... though i think i made things worse. i REALLY want to see him again. i really liked him. dunno, i guess we'll find out in a month or so. cross your fingers for me? i haven't felt like this in awhile, i would say goodbye to all the boys without a second thought if he asked me to.
that's really all for now folks. ill give you more updates when i'm back... i may sneak over here randomly if something big happens and post. i may even post from my phone if i get real desperate, but that means lots spelling errors and no photos. they will need to be cleaned up later. who knows?

i love you all my darlings.
liz: glad i can make you giggle uncontrollably. it is my pleasure :)


  1. Have fun in Reno!!! I hope you have an amazing time :) Yay yay yay binge food! I hope it's delicious.

  2. ZOMG is that Caprica 6? HAWT!!! XD

    I like your rules! Have fun in Reno <3 No bingeing FTW!!!