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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

royally confused [80]

day 80

weigh in: 250.0

cheese&bread 450
2 white peaches 180?

day 81

weigh in: 252.0

i'm convinced my scale is lying.

i'm going to attempt to buy a new one today.

my mom gave me a box of white peaches [i ADORE white peaches, i could eat them till i became sick... literally] on the side of the box it said "im ripe" ....oh my

some delicious peaches that are ripe for the tasting? sooo dirty.

makes me think of a song i love.. mostly for this one line

you're the cutest little thing i ever did see
i really love your peaches, want to shake your tree
well the guy i went on the date with sunday night texted me. i gave him some really flat conversation. he didn't ask me out, not that i expected him to.

i still really don't know how i feel about the situation. based on the fact that he initiated conversation suggests he wants to see me again, but i'm not sure i want that.

up until his dick came out, i would have said i did want to see him i don't know.

it was defiantly a night of miscommunications.

i figure i've got the rest of the week to decide if i want to go out with him again. hopefully i'll have a decision by then.
more little texts with warren.

i wish i could do more for him, he's a really great guy. i understand this is really a time for himself, a time where he needs to do things for himself.

a concept of which i'm almost jealous. i wish i could feel so independent. even though i live alone, i still feel like im leaning on a number of different people.

one step at a time i suppose.
TO EVERYONE: i'm not really reading people's blogs right now since i'm afraid of the comp crashing at work without me being able to clear the history, so i'm on here for as long as it takes to post, then i clear things out.

if you are having a rough time, i want to be here for you. if you need me, drop me a comment and we'll exchange email info or phone numbers.

i don't care if you've never commented on my blog, if you started reading me today, or if you're my bestest friend. i'm here for you.
liz: i know. i know. im really easily coerced into situations i'm not happy about. it's a rare thing when i can say no. [though i am better than i used to be] which a big reason why i'm impressed with warren. [aside from the fact he's awesome in general] i told him no, and that's where it ended... though 90% of the reason i said no, was because i was convinced he couldn't have sex with me that quickly without it becoming a rebound.... the other 10% being insecurities about my sexual prowess... had those two things not been a factor... yeaahhh.. that woulda been worth loosing sleep for. tehe.

i appreciate the offer to call, but this was 4 in the morning my time..not to mention me jumping on my phone randomly then receiving a call... would be less than subtle. lol. it's alright.. i could have said no, he wouldn't have forced me... i just...wasn't happy about it.


  1. Ok, well I don't care what time it is. Next time, go to the bathroom and send me a text/call me, and I will get you out of any situation you need me to. SERIOUSLY! I don't want you to have to be unhappy with any sort of situation like that. Seriously! Do it.

    Yummy, yummy peaches :) I hope your scale is lying! (it probably is) Good luck with the search for a new one!

  2. *HUGS* Lol, if you don't want to see him again, tell him you don't dig guys who fuck on the first date, coz they look like sluts XD

    Woop wooooop reversing stereotypes!! XD

  3. Hi, I just finished reading all of your blog yesterday, and I have to say it was really funny and endearing and I really liked it and I hope that didn't come out weird. I only regularly comment on blogs when I have read the entire blog and sort of have a general idea of someones story as it is here. I look forward to reading more of your blog!