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Friday, September 3, 2010

not feeling quite so crazy [104]

day 104

weigh in: 255.5

day 105

weigh in: 255.3

i didn't want to weigh myself this morning, i was convinced i had gained more weight. oddly i went down. even if it is only a tiny bit, i'll take it.
ted is still on his trip and he did a lot of driving yesterday.

thankfully some distance allowed me to get my head on [at least a little] straighter.

i still crave his attention and all the little sweet nothings.. though "sweet nothing" feels like an inappropriate term for what we do.

my hard work flirting has paid off.

i feel less despair.. less like my world will implode because ted is married and can never be with me.

i don't think a date is going to happen before ted comes home, but the promise of a date seems to be enough.

i guess we'll see what happens when he gets home... and hes so.. reachable....

oie... bad robin.

new boys! new boys, i say!

hopefully i wont need to fuck my friend. that's just problems waiting to happen.

wish me luck with ted, and luck this weekend in not binging.

love you darlings.
liz: thank you, lovie.

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