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Friday, November 12, 2010

it's been awhile...

i dunno, i stopped posting because i didnt have a computer at home.. and then i bought one.. and i still didnt post... and then it became something i felt i couldnt come back to.

ive gone up.
ive gone down.
im within 5 lbs of where i was when last we spoke.

[i didnt weigh myself this morning so i dont really know.. and im on my period which fucks things up]

i miss the community, but i feel like i dont belong here anymore.

thanks to liz who still nudged me even throughout my silence these months.

theres drama to be told, though im not sure any of it is relevant. ive been outing myself more. now 3 people, all boys ive kissed, [including ted, yes i kissed ted.. or really allowed him to kiss me] know.

i dont know.

tell me what you know.

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