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Thursday, February 17, 2011


so my weigh in this morning was 259.3, which is fine. i think tomorrow will be worse cause i was binge-tastic. i think im under 2000 for the day, but not really sure. when i left the office i was at roughly 715 then i had fast food.

tomorrow im visiting the boy after work and spending the night there, then driving to see my parents from his place. since im going to be alone, ive decided sunday will be a liquid fast day [orange juice and or light chocolate soy milk] and for the remainder of the month im going to restrict heavily. the goal is to stay under 500 a day, but definitely no more than 1000. its only 9 days, i can totally do that. right?

anyone who wants in [even in a different varient] or to offer support, please speak up. id be happy to exchange numbers with anyone in the us, and i can email with anyone outside. drop me a comment and we'll exchange info.

nothing else to report.

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