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Monday, March 28, 2011

new plan ideas

everyone can crash diet for a specific amount of time.. its the FOREVER that musses us up, right?

well, at the end of may ill be going on a trip. i really want to be thinner before that for a myriad of reasons but a large one of those being the flight to it.

heres my plan:

today is a day of saying goodbye to binge and getting whatever i have out of my system.

starting tomorrow im going to diet as much as possible. definatly no more than 1200 a day, probably much less. no binge type food ither.. there will still be allowed one day of drinking per week as its something max and his house likes to do, and i dont want to be left out.. but other than that no luxury items. i have bought some otter pops [15 cals a pop] and that should help curb my sugar craving.

i know i can commit to a month and a half.

i CAN do this.

i WILL do this.

short term goals include:

end of march: 255

end of april: 240

by trip [may 18th-ish]:230

as long as im under 240/loosely in my size 20's by the trip i wont be disheartened but these are my wishes. id love to be a 16 by then.. we'll see.

cross your fingers for me.

suggestions on motivation would be greatly appreciated. im thinking of hanging my skinny jeans up on the wall.. oh the joys of living alone lol.

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