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i'm a 25 year old california girl who, like most of us, is perpetually in transition.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

hello my name is...

-edit- i wussed out and deleted my name and random tangent about my name.


ive been away as im sure youve noticed.. if you even remember me anymore.

life has changed.
i have changed.

looking in a new direction.

im thinking of making a new blog because i dont like my life to be based around the desire "to be thin" anymore. the ideal of being locked into this all consuming obsession about my disordered eating habits, body size, shape and weight. [pardon the pun]

i havent decided about that.
i have decided that i am going to blog again AND i'm going to be more "me" and less "robin"

no, i'm not going to advertise my blog to friends and family.. as, well.. it's a diary of sorts... it's private.. sort of.. and id rather not..

i'm back. for now at least.
you can thank the bloggess for that, making me miss blogging and all.

if you're still out there, drop me a line. itd be nice to know.

ps. kat dennings[above] is probably the hottest woman on the planet.