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Friday, February 17, 2012

i feel fat

i should. i am fat.

life seems messy.

i guess i stayed away so long because life became placid, i became complacent.

complacency has lead me to weight gain. a lot of weight gain.

i wanted to start over but that seems stupid. i dunno. i miss blogging i miss the community...

im going to visit my best friend this weekend and we have a tendency to binge when we get together. the last time she visited me i told her i had been having disordered eating habits.. so maybe that will affect things..

when i come back i will have to figure things out.

i dont know. i dont think ana is coming back into my life. but for those of us who know my past, i have a tendency to get carried away.

i know that in my absence, my friends have left me...

i venture out alone in this one... maybe i'll get new ones.

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  1. You're back! I missed you!! I hope your visit with your friend goes well :) Make sure you blog to tell me about it!! <3