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Friday, February 24, 2012

a shaky start

as expected i went up a little [305.8 to 306.4] 0.6lbs to be exact.

this doesnt bother me like it used to.

i am already undercutting my diet plan.... which doesnt surprise me ither.. lol

i had about 400 at home and now im sipping diet green tea instead of light chocolate soy... though to be fair its partially because my stomach is upset.

i think i have what max stayed home sick with yesterday, but in a milder version.

feeling fine.. just fragile, you know?
not hungry, which is nice..

little miss shop-o-holic, has found a new thing to obsess over. thinking of building a mac brush collection. the best of the best.. even though i am rather fond of my sexy sexy contoured sonia kashuks.. i think i might want some professional ones too. dunno, havent decided yet.

i anxiously wait for the orders to arrive.. and plot new ones to make.

its a vicious circle...

maybe i can sublimate my desire for food with material objects. lol... ive done it before..

~edit~ even before i finish laying out this post my stomach is getting hungry.. grr.. at least i brought the soy milk..

thanks lilah lee, it's nice to see people are still here :)

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  1. Hi!!
    I hope your diet works out! You can do it! I'm glad you're posting a lot. I probably won't be reading every day, but I will try.