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Thursday, February 23, 2012

starting at 305.8

i weighed in this morning at 305.8..

but it seems like an unfair weigh in since i had more time to digest my dinner than i ordinarily would.

i generally wake up at the crack o dawn to drive max to the train that takes him to work. so i would ordinarily weigh in around 5ish when i get home. instead, this morning i weighed in around 7... so tomorrow may be more.. still, it's less than imagined... esp since i had baked fish sticks for dinner.

i find my biggest problem when it comes to eating lately has been because of this switch in my wake up schedule. when i wake up that early my body says:

oh and by the way,
you cant go back to sleep now,
because i said so....

anyhow, i end up eating, but then my body gets hungry before lunch so i ither binge at lunch, or snack on what i can covertly shove in my mouth in the office.

i havent figured out how to combat this yet, though i have an idea.

4 meals:
breakfast when i wake up 400
breakfast at work 400
lunch 600
dinner 600

this will obviously change over time.

im thinking some light chocolate soy milk would be well suited with my second breakfast. a full liter of the stuff is under 400, and itd be easy to drink at work because im not actually eating anything.

currently, im drinking my first allotted diet coke and munching on a few grapes. sleeping in helps so much with keeping away from binging! lol. wish my body would let me sleep when i got home at 5.


and with that, i say: here goes!

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  1. You can do it! That plan sounds great :) I know what you mean about wanting to eat more when you wake up early, it happens to me every day at 5:30am lol.

    Good luck with your goals, you got this :)