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Friday, April 27, 2012

sincerely starting something

alliteration anyone?

so, were going away for my birthday again and ive decided to get serious.

i was feeling wishy washy before.
i dont anymore.
i feel strong.

im not saying im going to stop eating all together.. im just going to stop being a cow.

i weighed in at an insane [but less than my top weight] 314.4 this morning. my goal is to break 300 by the trip.

ive cut out snacking so far today.. i told myself i used to starve most of the day, i can wait til the next meal. it's working so far.

ive got a salad packed for lunch and i had eggs and hashbrowns for breakfast. thinking of having breakfast again for dinner.. assuming i dont go out with my friend tonight...but still.. things are looking well.

im feeling strong and dedicated.

not being a cow should make 14.5 lbs, at my weight, [pardon the phrase] a cake walk.

wish me luck.

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